Himesayuri Blossoms

The largest Himesayuri colony in Japan is located in Takashimizu Nature Park, Minamiaizu-town. One million Himesayuri grow naturally there. During the Himesayuri season, the pink ocean of Himesayuri expands across the park is truly breathtaking.



“Himesayuri(lilium rubellum)”,also called as “Otomeyuri”,is a precious plant that only grows in the Southern part of Miyagi Prefecture and Niigata Prefecture, Fukushima Prefecture, Iide Mountains that border Yamagata Prefecture, Mt Azumasan, and surroundings of Sumondake. Its wild variety is categorized as a near-threatened species in the red list of the Ministry of the Environment.


The Takashimizu Natural Park Himesayuri Colony

The Takashimizu Natural Park where colonies of himesayuri flowers grow is said to be the most specious natural park in Japan. One million himesayuri flowers grow wild across 7 hectares of land. Because it can be found at an elevation of 800m, it is also admired as the “Himesayuri of the Sky.”

Himesayuri can be seen from Mid-June to early July. Many people visit to see the pink and pretty flowers.
Open: June 10th 2023-late June 8:00-16:00 
Admission fee:300yen *Kids under 12 are free.


Breeding and Growth

Himesayuri grows from seed. Seeds that fell in the fall enter the soil, and the following year roots grow and attach small bulbs. Its sprouts in the spring of the 3rd year. The following year, the leaves grow and the number of leaves increases to 2-3, and the bulbs grow further. In the 6th year, the number of leaves increases to 5 to 6, and finally one flower blossoms. From the following year, as the bulbs grow, the number of flowers will continue to increase one by one a year.


Preservation of Himesayuri

Please clean shoes to prevent alien plant species from using the mat at the entrance because Himesayuri is extremely vulnerable to pathogens. Furthermore, do not step off the boardwalk to not step on the Himesayuri sprouts.


Coexist with Himesayuri and Bracken

The bracken lives together and protects the Himesayuri. The leaves of bracken create shade to prevent the rise in soil temperature and soften strong winds. The roots of bracken protect the bulbs of Himesayuri from feeding damage of as so on mice. so, do not remove the bracken.



📍Getting there;
By Car:1 hour drive from Aizu-Tajima Sta.
Shuttle Taxi 〔Reservation up tp Minamiaizu Tourism〕
・Itinarar;Aizu-Tajima Sta.⇔Himesayuri Colony 
Travel fee/per vehicle;Small Taxi(1to 3 people) 8000yen, Jumbp taxi (4 to 8 people) 12,000yen 
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🚈Getting to Aizu-Tajima Sta.
3 hours 20 minutes by direct train From Asakusa Sta.in Tokyo (Tobu Railway via Revaty Aizu)
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Himesayuri at the Nango ski resort

Many “Himesayuri” grow on the slopes of the Aizu Kogen Nango Ski Resort. The flowering and best time to see is about a week earlier than Takashimizu Nature Park, and the view from the middle of the mountain is the best, and you can see the village along the Ina River.

住所 【Place】Takashimizu Nature Park
【Adress】4298-12, Nagachi Sakaguchi, Sakai, Minamiaizu-town, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan 
交通アクセス 【Access】
60min by car from Aizu-Tajima Sta.
3 hours 20min by direct train from Asakusa Sta. in Tokyo to Aizu-Tajima Sta.
営業時間 Peak Season:Mid-July to early July
Himesayuri field open: June 10th 2023
Opening hours:800-16:00
料金 【Admission fee】500yen to enter the Himesayuri fields (Kids under 12 are free.)
駐車場 【Parking】200
URL https://www-town-minamiaizu-lg-jp.translate.goog/official/soshikikarasagasu/nangosogoshisho_shinkoka/kankojoho/1/index.html?_x_tr_sl=ja&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=ja



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小高い丘の上から咲き乱れる石神様の桜は、南郷地域の2番目の信号 (伊南川屋)の所から見渡せます。満開になるとあたり一面 桃色の景色になります



食料品・プラモデル・衣料品・酒・たばこ・雑貨等、お土産品も取り揃えています。 シャディーギフトやクロネコヤマト宅急便も取り扱っています。   会津田島駅より車で30分    



南郷地域の中心地に位置する、南郷総合支所裏にある熊野神社の 境内の桜が花を付けると、たちまち南郷地域に桜前線が やってきて春爛漫の季節を迎えます♪



宮床湿原は標高850m、南郷スキー場がある伝上山の南に位置しています。 木道入口を入って手...


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