Enjoy "Japow" at Minamiaizu's Wonderful Ski Resorts!

If you’re wanting a skiing or snowboarding trip in Japan and want to visit a truly beautiful area that can easily be reached from Tokyo, you’re in luck! There are Ski/Snowboard resorts in Minamiaizu town, Fukushima Pref. The winters always give a heavy snowfall and the snow is a fine, dry  powder. So you can enjoy the best powder snow (Japow) at the Minamiaizu Ski Resorts!!


TAKATSUE Snow Resort 

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Takatsue snow resort has one of the biggest elevation differences and profound terrains over the Tohoku area (northeastern area), with an elevation of 1,650m, with a slope span of 5 km, and  15 diverse courses. You can see breathtaking panoramic views of Japan’s  famous mountains. Resort hotels and family lodges are lined up at the bottom of the mountain. 

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DAIKURA Ski Resort 

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If you’re new to snowboarding, there are incredibly talented instructors on site that can speak English and will have you riding the slopes freely in no time. The slopes  range from gentle beginners courses to steep, advance runs.

For those who enjoy park riding ,there are kickers, boxes and rails set up from January which is  the start of park season.

There are two restaurants on site, both selling fantastic local foods and there’s even Italian food available. 


 NANGO Ski Resort

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If you enjoy park riding , Nango ski has the best park in Minamiaizu.

It’s the smallest of the Minamiaizu ski resorts but , it is the best for park riders ! It has a fantastic park suited for riders all abilities as well as a half pipe for those daring enough.

After riding the park, the restaurant has great, healthy food to recharge your batteries.


TAKAHATA Ski Resort 

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If skiing is what you do and you want the best place to exclusively ski in Minamiaizu, Takahata ski resort is the place. With a skier-only resort. Takahata ski resort has the best mogul courses in Minamiaizu. From the top of the Orange course , there are great views and you can enjoy smooth carving runs. There are excellent instructors on site.


”Yell Ticket”

A great value Premium gift voucher!

Yell Ticket (Premium gift voucher) is worth ¥1,500 (¥500×3 sheets) for the cost ¥1,000.

You can use Yell Ticket at four ski resorts in Minamiaizu. (Shops and restaurants in ski resorts, and ski & snowboard rental, lesson fee at ski school, snowshoeing tours, snowmobile taxi on the slope, etc.)

Yell ticket sales place is concession stand at ski resorts in Minamiaizu.


* We only accept cash.

*Up to ¥20,000 per person for one purchase.

*Yell Ticket sales will finish once it is sold out.

*Yell Ticket can’t be exchanged for cash, and change will not be provided.

*You can’t use Yell Ticket to buy “lift pass” and “season pass”

*Yell Ticket expired on March 21, 2021 (Sunday).


in Minamiaizu,
Fukushima, JAPAN.

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Package Includes:

1 night stay with dinner, breakfast and a one day or a two days lift pass at one of Minamiaizu’s four, great ski resorts.

☆It is NOT included ski & snowboard rental.(Ski and snowboard rental is available : rental fee vary between resorts.)

★It is NOT included transportation expenses.

☆This accommodation package has wide range of price vary between accommodations and lift passes.

◇1DAY Pass & Stay has price from ¥8,600  to ¥12,600 /per .(included tax )

◇2DAYS Pass & Stay has price from ¥10,600 to ¥14,600 /per .(included tax )

★Depend on accommodation of the prices will increase over the New Year’s holiday period(Dec.29-Jan.3)

☆Children (age 6 and over) rate is the same as adults, age 5 years and under fee depends on accommodation.

★A child under elementary school age is free of lift pass.

To make a reservation, call the accommodation directly  or go to the booking site of  each accommodation.

*Some accommodations do not have a booking site.



By train:

From Asakusa, take the Revaty train (

http://www.tobu.co.jp/foreign/en/using/express/revaty.html ) to Aizukogen-ozeguchi Station (Takes around 3 hours ), to Aizu-Tajima Station (Takes around 3 hours 20 min.)

By car :

1 hour by car from Aizu-Wakamatsu, 2 hours from Fukushima City, 1 hour 45 min. from Koriyama ,3 hour 30 min form Tokyo.




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